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logan + hannah rackliff | the rope co

Logan and Hannah Rackliff grew up cloaked in lobstermen traditions—from boat building to sea faring. Logan learned to navigate a lobster boat before the training wheels had been removed from his bike. Logan’s great-great-grandfather was a steamboat captain and a seaman all his life. Four generations followed in his footsteps, creating an epic saga of savvy lobstermen spanning 5 generations.

In true Rackcliff entrepreneurial spirit, Logan and Hannah endured and began making rope mats in the winter of 2013. Since then, their collection has grown, and is inspired by the the Downeast and coastal Maine culture that Logan and Hannah’s families have been enveloped in for years. Each product is carefully hand made in Maine, by true hard working Mainers, and tells a tale of coastal life, innovation, and history.

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