8-tin chef’s pack


Claire Cheney of Curio Spice put together this wonderful gift set of some of their best spice blends and salts. Colorful spice tins are packed in a lovely gift box, so they're ready to give. Includes a beautiful recipe card for each spice. Included in this set:

kandy spice: ceylon cinnamon with mace, cardamom and ginger (salt free)

da lat spice: vietnamese coffee, cocoa, and star anise (salt free)

fleur spice: hibiscus, pink pepper, and rose (salt free)

edo spice: black sesame, orange peel, japones chilies, poppy seed, wild nori, sea lettuce, dulse, sansho, yuzu, pickled cherry blossom. 

kozani spice: fennel, lemon peel, bee pollen, lemon verbena, oregano, sage, greek saffron.

supeq spice: dulse seaweed, sea salt, shiitake mushroom, ginger, paprika, nettle, hot chili

aegean spice: cyprus salt, lemon peel, mastic, thyme.

kampot spice: kampot pepper, maine sea salt, ginger, lime, tarragon.

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