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no.46 cashmere throw | fawn


Amala handpicked this cashmere from Springtide Farm in Downeast Maine. Its quality is unparalleled, and we are proud to feature it in our most sumptuous blanket. Hand woven with a blend of cashmere, pure wool, and alpaca, this luxury blanket is a timeless gift. The weave pattern produces a unique loft for a denser, warmer, next-to-the-skin silky-soft blanket. Throw it over for luxurious warmth or wear it as a shawl. With proper care, this blanket will become your family’s coziest heirloom.

Woven into a clean, classic modern design, it features the Frost edge, Master Weaver Amala’s signature finish based on ancient Peruvian weaving techniques. It also features the red band, called a Blessing Thread, found in all Frost blankets, giving you blessings of love, care and compassion.


hand loomed: eliot, MAINE

limited edition: 1 of 15 cashmere blankets numbered and made this year at the Frost atelier.

material: blend of cashmere, pure wool, and alpaca with 2x double woven edge

dimensions: approx. 46” x 68”

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