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brightening face polish

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This pink 2-in-1 treatment can be used as a mask or exfoliant. The star ingredient, Hibiscus, a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acid, exfoliates, illuminates, and promotes even skin. It gently clears clogged pores while controlling breakouts. Skin soothing oats reduce irritation and inflammation while hydrating the skin. The naturally occurring saponins in oats gently cleanse the pores revealing a fresh, bright complexion. With just three simple, effective ingredients, this hibiscus face mask and scrub will leave your skin soft, refreshed, and radiant.


benefits: reveals an even-toned complexion | unclogs pores and congested skin | cleanses without soap

suitable for: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, combination ckin

scent: oat-y

texture: dry, granular powder

size: 4 oz glass jar

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