casco quilt

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Dotted with many islands, there is a bay that brings life, livelihood and inspiration to the many people who call it home. Its calm waters lap the beaches and it's smooth surfaces dance in the moonlight. The Casco quilt captures the many islands of this bay and the organic transition between land and sea. The detailed hand stitching adds movement to the design.


handmade: yarmouth, MAINE

materials: linen/cotton blend + cotton fabrics / cotton batting / cotton thread + wall hanging sleeve. hanging sleeve is pre attached to the back of the wall hanging. simply slide a wooden dowel through the sleeve and hang on a nail or hanger of choice.

colors: black background alongside charcoal stripe and out accents with cream thread.

dimensions: wall hanging is 18" x 30"

care: spot clean as needed. a warm iron may be used to press out wrinkles before hanging.

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