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beach crab claw necklace

$60.00 $30.00

This pendant is a hand-cast porcelain replica of an actual crab claw found on the rocky shore of Camden, Maine. It is left unglazed to give the look of sun-bleached shell or bone and evoke the feel of a found artifact. The pendant is strung on thin natural leather cord, and left unknotted. You might like to add a favorite bead, both for customization and to add a little weight to this lightweight ceramic pendant.


handmade: camden, MAINE

material: porcelain / natural leather

dimensions: pendant approx. 1.5" / 40" length

care: leather cord may be stiff when new, but will soften up with wear / we recommend removing your necklace before sleep. while the porcelain is very durable, please handle with care to prevent chipping.

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