no.27 cotton throw | natural


Hand woven cotton blankets by Frost add that just right summer-weight layer, perfect for a breezy beachside nap, or a cozy and functional wrap. Wear it as a sarong, a shawl, or lay it down as a seat in your favorite nature spot.

Woven into a clean, classic modern design, it features the Frost edge, Master Weaver Amala’s signature finish based on ancient Peruvian weaving techniques. It also features the red band, called a Blessing Thread, found in all Frost blankets, giving you blessings of love, care and compassion.


hand loomed: eliot, MAINE

limited edition: 1 of 15 cotton blankets numbered and made this year at the Frost atelier.

material: GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic cotton, and cleaner cotton™ with 2x double woven edge

dimensions: approx. 46” x 68”

care: machine washable and made to last

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