set of 4 egg coddlers

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BENNINGTON POTTERS : DAVID GIL | Mid-century egg coddler set. In cooking; coddled eggs are eggs that are gently or lightly cooked in water just below boiling temperature. In this case using a covered stoneware coddler.

To prepare: In a pot, fill with water so it is 1/2" below top of cups (without cover). Crack one egg into the uncovered cup. Pour a small amount of milk or cream on top. Place into pot of gently boiling water. Place cup cover on top and boil for 5-7 minutes. Remove cups with tongs. Prepare toast and cut into 3/4" strips. Dunk strips into your soft boiled eggs.


handmade: bennington, VERMONT

material: local stoneware 

dimensions: 00"h

care: although dish washer safe, we recommend hand-washing vintage pieces
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