porcelain whale mug

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Living in New England we are sort of obsessed with whales. Our whaling capitals and museums are filled with history and lore. So being a minimalist, I kept searching for the perfect iconic whale object. This is when I came across Tilla's wonderful work—the perfect marriage of form + function.

The mug is wheel thrown porcelain, which is demanding in the process, and very rewarding with its brilliance and durability in the end. Tilla likes to keep shapes simple. But decoration is no less important to her, than form. She draws directly on the mug after bisque firing. Drawing almost like she would on paper. The fire leaves a final mark on the drawing, that is not entirely predictable—making each whale one-of-a-kind, some more menacing than others.

We like showing these in pairs, as they visually show the whale as a whole.


handmade: somerville, MASSACHUSETTS

material: hand-painted porcelain 

dimensions: approx. 3.5" top x 4" height x 4" bottom

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