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michele michael + patrick moore | elephant ceramics

michele michael + patrick moore | elephant ceramics

After years of working as a magazine editor and prop stylist in NYC, Michele discovered her passion for working with clay. In 2010 she took her first class at a little pottery studio in Brooklyn. Today she lives in rural Maine with her partner Patrick. Her studio sits overlooking the Eastern River surrounded by tall oaks and pines. Michele makes each piece individually by hand creating simple, organic forms. Living near the coast of Maine, along with her strong connection to nature influences her distinct color palette and penchant for blue.

Patrick Moore has a special relationship with wood. It may have started during his early years of living in NYC and rescuing beautiful, old lumber out of dumpsters. Sticks, planks and boards would accumulate in every corner of his workshop until their ideal purpose was revealed. These materials live on in the many pieces of furniture he made throughout the years.

We are thrilled to have a small collection of their work in our shop and online.

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