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issue 08: forests


Mankind has etched its mark deep into the soul of the north woods through years of logging, and yet it is also this same industry that has ultimately left the forest (mostly) intact, free of subdivisions, golf courses, and shopping complexes. It is to the timber industry we owe our ability to recreate freely in the vast expanses of the north. But as the industry changes, what will the future hold for this region?

In Issue 08, Maine the Way dives into this question with a story looking at these forests (p. 44), as well as two pieces looking at how outdoor recreation in the state is still tied to this land (p. 80 & p. 108). We also change our focus and talk to a business owner in Portland who discusses the challenges and inspirations that keep him going (p. 118).


published: 100% proudly created + printed in MAINE

dimensions: 8.5" x 11" / 160 pages / 111 photos + illustrations

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