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pan pressed brass serving ware


Brass sheet formed under high pressure over a form, and then wrapped and pinned to a charred maple handle. Mix & match. Order one, order a couple for a salad serving set, or order the set of 3. Price is per piece.


handmade: waldoboro, MAINE

materials: hand forged brass + charred maple

dimensions: approx. 12" long 

care: all pieces can be safely used with food* and should be hand-washed and then soon dried with a soft towel, much like your heirloom silverware. if you want to brighten up and even out your utensil you can use a mixture of equal parts lemon and fine salt, and massage it with the scouring side of a sponge, in a circular motion, with an even pressure in a consistent pattern up and down over the whole item. do not work a single darker spot, 'massage' the whole piece evenly.

*for items with copper, brass, or bronze, please do not use for long periods (several hours) with foods that tend to be acidic (tomato/lemon/etc). 

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