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antique ironstone platter no.1


J & G MEAKAN | England c.1890 | Rectangular Ironstone china platter with wide lip. The platter is in excellent condition. No cracks, chips or crazing. Minor surface scratches from use. A minor "iron" spot in the glaze at one corner of the rim. Super streamlined and simple, this is one of my favorite makers and type of platter. A great serving piece that will mix well with all periods of decor.

about our collection: we put together a small collection of english & american ironstone pieces that we love to mix in with our other contemporary and mid-century collection of ceramics.


made: hanley, ENGLAND

material: royal stone china

dimensions: approx. 14" x 10" 1.5" / 7" x 10.5" x 6.5 center / .5" deep well / 2" lip

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