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shibuichi pelican clip bracelet


Inspired by the traditional marine hardware of the same name. Hand carved master. Lost wax cast in Rhode Island and hand finished in house.

To open the clasp, push the cord up over the end of the hinged arm. There is no need to push extra cord through the opening to do so. To close, simply push the cord back in place. When closed, any force that goes into the mechanism helps to close it even more securely. Both these cord options are spliced using a traditional sailors short splice, the ends of which are left long to fray. They will fade with wear; the indigo like raw denim.

handmade: portland, MAINE

materials: brass hardware | cord: indigo option is 100% cotton, spun in tennessee and hand dyed in maine. the olive option is marine grade nylon which is dyed and waxed in house. the olive cordage is exceptionally strong, and will last a VERY long time.


small 5 1/2" bracelet / 27" pendant / 14" choker

medium 6 1/2" bracelet / 30" pendant / 15" choker

large 7 1/2" bracelet / 34" pendant / 17" choker

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